Weekly Photo Challenge: UP

Weekly Photo Challenge: UP

Looking up on a bright spring morning in coastal New England!


Week Three: The Coat Rack Again?

For this week’s transformation project, I was planning, again, to spruce up my coat rack with some baskets.  I was so excited to reuse Go Lean cereal boxes to make organizers for the shelves.  I Mod Podged the boxes with nautical charts left over from another project (soon to be featured on this blog):

This used to be a Go Lean Crunch cereal box!

I then realized, however, that a perfect fit is not ideal.   Each box fit so snugly that it was hard to pull it off the shelf and then shove it back in.  Pursuing this project anymore was pointless since I know we would either stop using the boxes altogether, or rip them while yanking them off the shelves.  So, it’s back to the drawing board for organizing the coat rack.

But I was able to find another use for the boxes as they fit in some shelving in our half bathroom.  Before I would keep the hand towels folded on the shelf and toilet paper on the back of the toilet.  I think this looks much neater!

Cereal boxes, who knew?!

How did your project go this week?  Since I’m guest hosting for repurposedKATE this week, post a link to your project in the comments for this post.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s transformations!

Week Three: The Coat Rack, Again

I’m still plugging away at my coat rack this week.  Really, I didn’t think it would take me so long!

I’ll be “guest hosting” repurposedKATE’s weekly transformation challenge this week.  Is there an area of your world (a room, a drawer, wallet, purse) that has lost it’s purpose to clutter? Take a pic & post it on your blog and post a link in the comments here. You’ll have 4 days to de-clutter the area and post the results on Monday.

I’m really excited to see how Slightly Scattered Supermom conquers her mountain of laundry this week. Join us, it’ll be fun!

Week Two: Go Lean or Go Home

It fits!

For this week’s four day transformation challenge, I planned to organize the cluttered coat rack in my front hall.  While I’d love to show you a picture of a finished product, I’ll have to measure my success in baby-steps this week.  You may recall that my biggest hurdle was finding baskets or boxes that fit the odd-sized shelf opening on the rack.   I cleared that hurdle this week when I discovered that the warehouse sized boxes of Go Lean Crunch (a family favorite) fit perfectly in the shelves.  So I’m granting myself an extension to eat some cereal and transform the boxes into something a little bit nicer!  So, ’till next week…

In the meantime check out what my buddies over at repurposedKATE and Minimalism Journey are up to this week with their projects.

Week Two: The Coat Rack

This week’s challenge: do something about these shelves

For this week’s four day transformation series, I’ll be tackling a project I’ve been putting off for a long time.  Our neighbor gave us this great IKEA coat rack when he moved in because it didn’t fit in his new house.  If IKEA ever sold baskets that fit this piece, they don’t now.  The openings are a surprisingly odd size (8″x6″x10.5″), and I haven’t been able to find any baskets that fit.  Not that I’ve been looking terribly hard.  I really don’t like to shop.  And I’m kind of cheap.

Every time I walk into my house, I think about how much I’d really like to organize the clutter on the coat rack.  I think I’ll start by finding a proper home for that football.  I’ll post the results on Monday!

Week One: “All” Done

“All” I Need

Oh, how I fantasize about a built-in shoe bench to neatly manage my girls’  shoes.  However, I have finally accepted the fact that building a bench is so far down the to-do list that it will likely never get done.

So, for the first week of repurposedKATE’s new four-day transformation series, I went for quick and cheap.  In that regard, I  succeeded.  This project was free and it only took about an hour to complete.

To create this lovely shoe organizer, I used two cardboard boxes I picked up while shopping at a warehouse club (see above), and Mod Podged them with our free weekly newspaper.  In the middle of this well planned project, I ran out of Mod Podge so I painted the inside of each box.

It probably won’t last long, and it’s not too classy, but it sure beats the nasty mess of shoes you saw in the before picture. So for now, I’ll take free, quick and complete:

The Finished Product

Week One: The Shoes

This embarrasses me.

I don’t know why I listened to them, but I did.  My daughters told me they had trouble finding pairs of shoes in the baskets I used to have here, and convinced me to let them organize their own shoes.  I’m all for letting them do some of the work around here, but it’s time to step in.  To their credit, the girls did organize the shoes nicely, but, no surprise, they stayed neat for about a minute.

This will be my first project as part of my blog buddy’s new series, yet to be named, where participants declutter some part of their lives in a four day period.

She describes the series better than I ever could over at Repurposed Kate, and you should see the ambitious project she’s tackling this week.  I can’t wait until Monday to see the transformation!